Brazil are back – Germany pledges respect to the Selecao

With the two sides set to meet for the first time since the 7-1, locals in Berlin insist their side face a very different test on Tuesday

Forever to be known simply as ‘the 7-1’, there is no getting away from the fact that Brazil’s World Cup semi-final defeat to Germany will remain one of the most incredible games in football’s great history.

At the time, neither the Germans nor the watching world could believe what they were seeing on July 8, 2014 – not to mention the 200 million Brazilians who stood stunned at what became known as the Mineiraco.

The two teams reunite on Tuesday on the Brasil Global Tour, in what will be their first meeting since that night in Belo Horizonte. This time, however, they meet in very different circumstances, with both nations out to fine tune their sides ahead of this year’s World Cup in Russia.



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